Artificial Intelligence And Visualization In Big Data By Kenneth Cukier

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1. Personal contribution to the team
Overall I did a supportive job in my team.

In the beginning of the team project, I wrote down my team members’ MBIT type and asked about their working habit, so we could know each other better and work more efficiently together. I found out that all of us were introverted and preferred to work individually first and combine our thoughts together later. Therefore, I helped my teammates to allocate individual tasks to each one of us. This allocation helped every team member to know what part of the project that they should be responsible for in the beginning of the project.

Then, during the project, I searched more than ten research articles and journals about history and origins of big data. This helped
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We are now in a Big Data era. With the development of technologies, artificial intelligence will play a crucial role in the world. According to Kenneth Cukier in his book Big Data “Data was no longer regarded as static or stale, whose useful-ness was finished once the purpose for which it was collected was achieved…Rather, data became a raw material of business, a vital economic input, to used to create a new form of economic value.” It is necessary for different industries to take advantage of using Big Data and visualization in order to continuously grow. Even though using Big Data involves some risks, such as privacy issue, we still should not neglect its potential contribution to the …show more content…
As an INFP, I tend to avoid conflicts with other people. However, always avoiding conflicts is not a good thing. Being able to giving critical opinions is very important. I also should talk more in the class. Sometimes I don’t want to talk about my thoughts if I am not sure whether others will agree with me or not.

6. Lessons learned for taking forward regarding small group meetings (team)
Working as a team requires a lot of patience, because every one has his or her point of view. We will not always agree with each other. It really takes time to understand each other. Also, I should try to take more responsibility for the team. My teammates were really considerate. They took most of the tasks that needed plenty of reading, because they knew my English was not very good. However, I should never take it for granted. I should improve my reading skills and try to challenge myself next time by doing more readings.

7. Key messages to be provided on the first day for the next class
For the first day of the next class, key massages should be provided for what A509 is about. Though the schedule was clear about what should be expected everyday, I took three days to find out that the class is actually about teamwork. I thought the class was lecture

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