Determination And Motivation : An Autobiography On Cathy Freeman And A Documentary ' Villawood Mums '

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“Determination and motivation are vital in crossing boundaries”

Determination and motivation are vital in crossing boundaries because to cross a boundary one has to have their heart set on something and the urge to achieve their goal or dream. “Born to Run’, an autobiography on Cathy Freeman and a documentary, “VillaWood Mums” show examples of how determination and motivation are vital in crossing boundaries. The people involved have experienced perseverance and struggle which afterwards comes success and courage. For Cathy Freeman set her mind to achieve her long term goal, and how she finally did with the help of her family and closest friends while overcoming adversity. In ‘VillaWood Mums’, the themes of struggle is highlighted, as two women had to flee from their country to obtain safety and security for their families. Both texts clearly show the characters trying to cross boundaries and their failures and triumphs in doing so.

Motivation was essential for Cathy Freeman to achieve her dreams of being a successful athlete. A large part of her motivation came from her family but through her life she experienced fear and struggle. Cathy loved to run and train as it was her hobbie and her passion but there were times when Cathy felt like giving up as it was to much. She recalls one such incident when her mother motivated her, “I wish you were Ann-Marie, you know your sister cant walk, cant run she cant do all the things you can you have two good arms and two good legs…

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