Essay Detailed Analysis Of Schematic And Strategic Issues

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Detailed analysis of schematic and strategic issues:
A detailed analysis of the above Line of Business (LOB) Schematic for maintenance of certification for medical specialists immediately reveals an inconsistency with most other organizational lines of business. The primary needs of physician customers enrolled in the MOC process are non-existent if the definition of primary needs is strictly read as those needs that drive your customer to purchase from your company instead of the competition. (Lisa Fairbairn, 2012, p. 3) Strictly speaking, there is no competition for any particular member board within the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). It has been suggested (McRay, 2015) that some of the secondary needs identified above such as email reminders might actually be primary customer needs. I however still contend that none of the secondary needs listed above have the potential of driving the customer physician to another provider of this service. There is no other provider for the service of maintaining the certification that was provided by our organization. The fact that there is no competition for this LOB is the number one strength and the greatest weakness for this LOB. The strength is inherent to the presumed bye in of the customer. The assumption is that the customer physician has just completed a multi-year process that has forced them to accumulate an average of $168,000 in educational debt, (Kristof, 2013), with the culmination of this process being a…

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