Destiny : The Taken King Essay

727 Words Oct 9th, 2015 3 Pages
Danny Wadeson, the author of “Destiny: The Taken King’ Live Up to Its Promise and Hype?” writes about the new expansion for Destiny. Wadeson explains throughout his essay about the core things they have done to improve the game with the expansion. The main ideas that he focused on about the game was the lore, gameplay, and the game developers actually listening to the fan base. The game has been out for 5 weeks now and I have been playing that game alone whenever I have time to play games. I personally believe that Destiny’s new expansion, Taken King has lived up to the hype and promise that they had made. When the game first came out, the story was lackluster and felt void of story content. When the expansion came out, the story was amazing and made up for the lackluster story from the original story when it first came out. He states in his article that “Lore and improved narrative flow was priority for story content” (Wadeson). When I first played the first story mission for the new expansion, it was a blast to the face with everything they had shown, it was like watching a space battle from Star Wars™. It was a thriller for the whole time I was playing the story. Some people might argue about the story was that it short. I would argue back with yes it was short but that wasn’t the focus, it was the lore behind every mission they had given us. Yes it may have been short but every mission was action packed. The gameplay of Destiny when it first came out was subpar, and…

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