Desmund Tutu: A Life In South Africa

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Desmund Tutu was born in Klerksdorp, South Africa October 7, 1931. His father was a principal and his mother for a school for the blind cooking and cleaning. At this point and time in South Africa’s history, it was very segregated. South Africa was especially like this for the youth of South Africa. In this time people of a certain color were denied the right to vote. They were also forced to live in the certain area. Even at such a young age, Tutu was able to see that he was being treated worse than the other children. Just because of the color of his skin. But he did not let this keep him from having a great childhood. Once Tutu got older and increasingly frustrated with the racism that was affecting his country. When Tutu was 17 the National Party to the control of …show more content…
Now Tutu rise to fame was when he became the first black person to be appointed to the Anglican Dean of Johannesburg in 1975. In this new position that he had, he was able to really speak his mind on anything that he really wanted to. Him speaking out to racism and other things got him a Nobel Peace Prize in 1984. So, with all these things in mind I this makes him a credible source to write about certain things. If you have read his essay in the book Revelations then you know that he is a man of the people who is willing to help any and everyone I mean. The essay that he wrote in the book Revelations is about a God not hating people because they may like men or women. He says in his essay that God does not hate people who love the same sex. Just like he does not hate people who have different skin colors. I mean if you ask me it does not make any sense. Like if God made people to love who they love then why would he hate what he made. That is what I feel that Tutu is saying in this essay. Also what I feel that he is saying is what really give people to speak for God. I mean does it not say in the bible to love all people no matter

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