Desiree 's Baby By Kate Chopin Essay

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Desiree’s Baby
In the short story, Desiree 's Baby by Kate Chopin, the author uses the elements of a story to rely her points of view about the story. The author uses character, setting, plot, conflict and theme to make the story remarkable. All five of these elements make a story complete and presentable. In a short story pull your reader to the heart of the story’s conflict right away. There’s no need to give your reader the backstory. Tell us what we need, right when we need it.
Character is a person, or sometimes an animal, who take part in the action of a short story or other literary work. Characters are the most important thing in a story, without characters, I won 't have a story. Armand Aubigny is the owner of L’Abri. Desiree, is a founding wife, of Armand. Madame Valmonde, is the women who raised Desiree. Désirée is the adopted daughter of the Valmonde family. Madame and Monsieur Valmonde have raised Désirée since she was a toddler when they found her by the plantation 's front gate. Despite the fact that her ancestry is unknown, Désirée has grown up to be the ‘‘idol of Valmonde.’’ She is a sweet, kind, affectionate girl. Zandrine is a servant at L’Abri. La Blanche, is a slave in the short story. These characters are the 5 main characters in Desiree 's baby. Armand Aubigny is like the other men in his family and fell instantly in love with Desiree. When he sees Desiree he falls in love with her beauty and for a short time seems to be a kinder man; however, after…

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