Designing With Curriculum For Excellence Essay

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Designing with Curriculum for Excellence

To define any curriculum, people would normally look at both the subjects taught within school and the pupils that follow the content listed within these subjects. However, the new Curriculum for Excellence (CFE) is far more than just a ‘list’ of learning outcomes. It is a way to learn and develop, as a result of how they access that very curriculum. Children will see the curriculum differently to the practitioners that teach it. ‘It is viewed as a landmark development in Scottish education, hailed by its architects as ‘one of the most ambitious programmes of educational change ever undertaken in Scotland’ (Government, Scotland, 2008a, pp8).
The Curriculum for Excellence was published in November 2004, the revised curriculum is a response to the realisation that our world is rapidly changing. Following a ‘National Debate on Education in Scotland’ the document published provides clear statements of the aims of education in Scotland, concepts which have long been implicit. We cannot look at previous curriculums as failed experiments. We can take precedence of the lack of research, education of teachers and theory to practice methods from our past curriculums. This should better our understanding of incorporating the new principles of the curriculum into our current system.
The aim of CFE is to equip the pupils to become lifelong learners and educate them not just as workers/academics but as citizens and unique individuals that…

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