Essay Designing A Solution : Inventing Solutions

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Inventing Solutions
Without most of today 's inventions, life would be unimaginably hard. Imagine a situation where people would walk for days in search of basic and social amenities. Imagine the world without electricity. It is in this regard that man invented solutions to most of these vexing problems affecting his day-to-day operations. Therefore, at this stage, we can say that the process of creating or designing a solution to a problem is called inventing a solution. Before any invention is introduced, a relevant government specialist to ensure that it is safe for the public must first analyze it. After the vetting process, the government provides the inventor with a license or rather a patent conferring an exclusive right of ownership. The duration that a patent remains valid varies from country to country. For instance, in the United States, the expiry duration is up to twenty years. A patent restricts other people from commercially exploiting an invention.
Thomas Edison is best known for his inventions. The Electrographic Vote Recorder was his first invention whose patent he filed at the age of 22 ( The cardinal objective was to help Congress legislators record votes because it was faster than the voice vote system and, hence, would have been most appropriate for legislation elections. This device was connected to the legislators’ database at the clerk desk. The device would receive a yes or no command inform of electric current that…

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