Essay about Designing A Contingency Plan For A Project Plan

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First, I would access my practice’s readiness I’d ask myself questions such as, Are administrative processes organized, efficient, and well documented? Are clinical workflows efficient, clearly mapped out, and understood by all staff? Are data collection and reporting processes well established and documented? Are staff members computer literate and comfortable with information technology? Does my practice have access to high-speed internet connectivity? Does my practice have access to the money needed to purchase new or additional hardware? Next, I would map out how EHRs will enable desired workflows and processes, creating new workflow patterns to improve inefficiency or duplicative processes. After that, I’d create a contingency plan to combat issues that may arise throughout the implementation process. Then I’d create a project plan for transitioning from paper to EHRs, and appoint someone to manage the project plan. Finally, I’d identify concerns and obstacles regarding privacy and security and create a plan to address them. Next, I’d pick my vendor for instance, EPIC. After that, I’d train my staff on how to use it while simultaneously looking for problems that may arise. I want to improve quality, safety, and efficiency by engaging patients and families to embrace EHRS by looking at their records. Which will simultaneously improve care coordination because the patient will understand and be able to see what problems they are currently facing first hand. While…

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