Descriptive Essay: Winter Beauty Tips For Travelers

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Winter Beauty Tips for Travelers
Winter is harsh on everything, especially your skin. If you are a traveler visiting a country in winter, you need to take extra care of your skin. Even though it is hard to be fashionable in winter considering the cold, here are some beauty tips to make you look your best as a winter traveler.
Wear your sunscreen
You might think this is unnecessary since the temperatures are low, but you are wrong. Irrespective of the season, if the sun is up, so are its rays, and the UV rays can damage your skin if it can get access to it. Protect yourself by applying enough sunblock before going outdoors.
Keep hydrated
Drinking plenty of water can make your skin shiny and beautiful. It also improves circulation of blood around
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Maintain the beauty of your hands by wearing cotton gloves and then wearing woolen gloves over them. Apply petroleum jelly to your feet and wear woolen socks to keep them warm.
Winter traveling can be fun, but it becomes unpleasant if the weather takes a toll on your looks. Use the tips in this piece to improve your beauty on your next winter trip, and you will be glad you did.
Ten free things to do in London
London, the English capital, is a city of freebies. London has many world-class museums that offer free admission as well as spectacular parks and breathtaking landmarks. You can also visit some of Europe’s most popular churches and busy markets for free in London. Here are ten free things to do in London
The British Museum
The British Museum is one of the most popular museums in the world, and it provides free entry to all its visitors. It is full of rare artifacts dating back to thousands of years from different civilizations of the world. From Egyptian mummies to African terracotta arts, and Benin bronze artifacts, you can view everything for
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To prevent such a nightmarish occurrence, pack all your valuables including money, jewelry, camera and phone, wallets with credit cards, car keys and so on in your carry-on. Better to be safe than sorry.
Travel Charger
In the unfortunate event that your flight was canceled or delayed, a travel charger comes handy, and you can easily charge your device using one of the airport power outlets.
Face wipes
Face wipes can provide some coolness if you are in a hot location and they will work perfectly as an alternative to a sponge bath.
Sometimes, the food in the cabin might not be what you like. If you brought your own, you wouldn't go hungry on the flight. Snacks can also be helpful if you arrived early at the airport and the food outlets are not open yet.
Travel Toothpaste and Toothbrush
Sometimes your flight takes longer than you planned for. Packing your toothpaste and toothbrush will ensure that you remain fresh and clean to engage in conversations with other people.
Waiting for a flight can become seriously boring. To make it a bit lively, come with your laptop, iPod, books, or any other thing that could keep you entertained.

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