Descriptive Essay : ' What The Fuck ! '

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"Oh... My... God" Is all I can say as I stare at the scene going on in front of me. This can 't be happening. This can 't be happening. This has to be a dream. If I close my eyes, it 'll all disappear. But when I open my eyes everything is still the same.

I can feel tears filling my eyes but I 'll be damned if I let them fall. My blood begins to boil and before I know it, I 'm storming inside the room.

"What the fuck!?" I yell throwing my bag against the wall, just above their heads. They immediately scramble away from each other in surprise and stare at me like deer 's caught in headlights.

"B-Baby It 's- Don 't you even try that shit on me!" I yell cutting off my boyfriend, Mike of 6 years. 6 fucking years! And he decides to cheat on me?! Like is he fucking serious? They flinch back, trying to cover themselves up.

"So this is what the fuck you 've been doing behind my back huh? Fucking some bitch and not even any bitch, She 's my own fucking cousin." I say with disgust as I look at the both of them. Neither one of them says anything, just stares at me scared.

"Oh, so suddenly you two can 't speak huh? Yaw voices seemed to be working perfectly fine seconds ago! You know what? Since you, hoes can 't talk. I 'll just make yo bum asses talk." I say grabbing my hair and putting it into a ponytail.

My cousin straightens up. "Tyia I 'm really- Your really what? Sorry? Is that supposed to make up for you fucking my boyfriend?" I spit out, going behind my dresser and grabbing…

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