Descriptive Essay - Original Dinner Conversation

2217 Words May 16th, 2015 null Page
It started off as any other day, I arrived home from work to start my daily routine of letting the overly happy to see me dog out to relieve his long haul of no urination. I then start to cook dinner. I was marinating the steaks. Had finished cutting up the fresh zucchini, squash, onions, and garlic as I started the wok with a tablespoon of olive oil. Throwing the vegetables in I missed the wok and onion fell on the floor, Cracker was quite disappointed it wasn 't a better accident. I started to broil the ribeyes, by this time the dog was quite intrested in what I was cooking, so when he headed to the front door acting a fool I knew daddy was home. Chris, my husband was pleasantly suprized, I had changed my mind about having spagetti, per our conversation in passing off a trama patient he had flown in from the mountains. I know most people wouldn 't understand a short dinner conversation over a mangled human. This however, was everyday live for us. As I finished up making dinner, the dogs attention was back on me. I was tripping over him moving from sink to stove so I yelled out my typical, "MOVE," to get him to go to his bed in our room. We sat down to dinner, discussed our normal day in trama world. Gossiped about the latest with our co-workers and gave into the dogs ' will of insisting he deserved some steak too. After dinner, cleaning up the kitchen, I asked Chris if he would like to take a walk around the neighboorhood. Cracker had all ready…

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