Descriptive Essay On The Morning

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It was a dark, gloomy morning on September 11, 2001 in New York City, New York. Opening up my sky blue polka dotted curtains there was no sun shining in, but there was the beautiful view of the Twin Towers standing nice and high in the sky. Besides the beautiful view, I could already tell that it was going to be a bad day, which is not how I wanted to start my morning. Since, I do not have to work today I decided to try to make my day a little brighter and go get some breakfast. Evidently, as I reached the final step going to my car, I realized I forgot my keys. Now I have to go all the way back upstairs and find them where I left them last. Luckily, spotting them out the corner of my eye I grabbed the keys off the black granite counter and …show more content…
I smiled and replied, “Thank you, you too!”
I make my way to a clean table and sit down and enjoy my hot coffee and fresh pumpkin bread that just has been made. Going out to breakfast has actually made my day better which was what I was hoping for.
Consequently, right as I am throwing my coffee cup and wrappers away to walk out the door, I hear hundreds of people screaming and a very tremendous loud crash. I quickly open the door to see what is happening and I gasp. I say to myself, “This can not be happening, this can not be happening,” but it was.
My heart skipped a couple of beats and all I could say is that not having work today has saved my life, because the North Twin Tower has just been hit by a plane. Everyone is wondering if it was an accident or not. The sirens of police and ambulances are all starting to rush to the World Trade Center. People around me are all asking multiple questions and are very curious about what just happened. A young woman inquired, “What has just
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After talking to them, “... 18 minutes after the first plane hit, a second Boeing 767–United Airlines Flight 175–appeared out of the sky, turned sharply toward the World Trade Center and sliced into the south tower near the 60th floor” ( Staff, “9/11 attacks”). In the distance, all I can see is the huge cloud of black smoke from the plane that has just flown directly into the South Twin Tower. I am far enough away that I will not get hurt, but people are running away scared and not knowing what is going on or what to do, so I decide to quickly jump in my car. Thereupon, everyone can now tell that this was not an accident, that these were terrorists who have attacked our country. As I am sitting in my car, I can see many and many victims falling to their death or trying to escape from the huge fires. The firefighters are doing their best to save as many workers’ lives as they can. It is such a tragedy to watch the world’s two tallest buildings fall into pieces and people who have done nothing wrong are dying. I start backing away from Starbucks and make my way back home, while the South Tower starts collapsing, “With damage to a greater number of floors lower down on the building, the south tower gave way first, crumbling to the ground at 9:59 a.m., only 56 minutes after being hit” (

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