Descriptive Essay On A Day At A Gym

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Walking into the front door of the gym ready to work-out and feeling that nice cool breeze of air conditioning, just runs chills through your body. My mind is set to accomplish a full workout, for the first time. As I walk to the front counter to be greeted, my representative Ray walks up to me and my daughter, Sekora with a warm welcome, and we get even more excited. Ray, who is our sales representative for joining the gym, gave us all the rules, regulations, and details of my agreement. Ray wanted to make sure I was aware of everything before signing my daughter up. My daughter, Sekora and I went for a free consultation initially, but when Ray was finish explaining everything, we were both hooked. I 'm not so big on fitness as my daughter …show more content…
Therefore, Sekora goes to the gym three to four times a week by herself. Sekora eats well, and she teaches me to eat well. Infact, Sekora makes our meal plans and has fun at the gym. I watched Sekora as the instructor Amy gave the exercises she wanted Sekora to do however, I chose this gym, because as a Muslim woman, we have to stay covered in the public, and at this particular gym, there is an all lady 's section for comfort while working out.

We were offered an excellent deal when we signed up. Sekora was signed up under my niece 's corporate account to be able to access all of the equipment, the pool area, the sauna, etc. for a little of nothing a month. Back when I joined the gym, it was pricey. Of course it is more affordable now. I have made a commitment for when I graduate, I am joining the gym myself. It motivates you and helps you to relax after a long hard day of
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Sekora was very eager to get started exercising. Sekora 's first exercise was aerobic 's. On her second set of exercises, Sekora had to hold a weight and do another set of reps. Sekora looked as if she were about to pass out, so I kept watching her carefully. It was her first time ever doing any manual labor and using machines to work her abs and lower body. The treadmill is Sekora 's favorite machine to work-out on, but she also uses machines for her lower abdominal area. We were both surprised that the weight she could lift using the leg extension machine was 140lbs.

The gym, we chose is, very huge, it has an indoor pool, a track up-stairs, a television to watch, a sauna to sit in, and a water massage table, as a result a great reward for parents with small children is the daycare. Separating men from the women was my main concern to be able to send Sekora there to exercise. I love it! The assistance there is very professional yet

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