Descriptive Essay : ' Mohawk Park '

1690 Words Aug 27th, 2015 null Page
The next morning on that brilliant, lucid Sunday in Mohawk Park, Surina watched as Neilan Trahern arranged the chairs neatly in front of the globe fountain in preparation for the welcoming ceremony on Monday. Indeed, the weekly welcoming ceremonies kept the General Assembly Hall staff busy every Monday and Tuesday. Stefan raced up the steps as soon as he glimpsed Surina waiting by a Doric column in the shade of the portico. After entering the building, they went down a long corridor to the third door on the right leading straight into a cramped waiting room. The centenarian attendant greeting them was so tiny that he almost disappeared into his burgundy leather swivel chair. Nevertheless, he illuminated the entire room with his incandescent eyes. Surina could not help but notice his bald freckled scalp when he asked them to sign their names in an enormous register that was almost as large as he was. Soon, they waited patiently with three other Gnaritonians, who had arrived before them. Suddenly, the space tourists burst in, wearing mortified expressions. Much to their chagrin, the attendant instructed them to wait their turn. After casting contemptuous looks all around the room to register their displeasure, Philip and Anne retreated into the corner in exasperation. Eventually nearly two hours later, Surina and Stefan heard their names. Although the Lilliputian attendant barely reached the height of the door handle, he managed to open the creaking door briskly,…

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