Analysis Of The Baron Armand De Valfort

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The Baron Armand de Valfort was dead! No one, among those who were present when his body was discovered, could understand why? Although, all those frightened people showed a great deal of restraint, - including Amandine Valloix, - it was obvious, looking at their twisted lips, and protruded eyes, that they did not comprehend what had happened. It was a terrible shock! The Baroness was, evidently, most affected by the death of her husband. But, as her heart sank, her spirits rose, and so far, during that tragedy, she kept an admirable poise that impressed her small entourage. Dame Chaboix, was so moved by her friend’s composure, under those sudden and horrible circumstances, that she didn’t even try to indulge in reenacting one of her melodramatic roles at the “Théâtre Vignolet”. As for me, I had, in Algeria, faced death too many times, and too often, in red, watched it, spread on the young faces of my men, not to know how to keep calm in the present situation. I asked Henri de Valfort, with Saturnin Valloix, …show more content…
Indeed! If, that unfortunate death was murder, how could the murderer have escaped? The Baron’s room was not only insulated, but sealed. Its window was barred, and the door, locked from inside, made it impossible for any human being to leave the scene, once the crime had been committed. It looked like I was now, facing a case that could neither be homicide, nor suicide! A glimpse at the table gave me little indication of what had been the Baron’s last activities before going to bed. A carafe of water was sitting on a small silver tray, next to an empty glass left, itself, on the wooden top. Other such objects, as the usual pieces one would find on a night table, were also there; a box of cigarettes, a lighter the size of a big apple, and a hard cover book which I neglected to open. I felt it was time to go downstairs, rejoin the others, and call the

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