Descriptive Essay : Mohammed Abdul Alim

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Mohammed Abdul Alim rose early in time for the first call to prayer. He looked at the German still sleeping. He wanted to kill him now, but that would attract unwanted attention from the occupying forces. Killing a German minister wouldn’t go unnoticed. Besides, he needed Kleiner to bring him Kohlenz who would lead him to the scroll.
He took his mat outside the cave and consulted his compass in order to position it correctly in the direction of Mecca. He removed his Raybans and Rolex watch, symbols of the Western materialism he despised, but something he’d never let go, however hypocritical it sounded. To remove them was to cleanse his soul in the face of Allah, praise be upon him. These small tokens of a decadent society showed how America had drawn him towards its depravity. They were symbols of a place to which he would never return.
When he finished praying and had rolled up his mat, he put the sunglasses and watch back on to remind him he was a sinner before God. He sat cross legged and faced the sunrise and pondered his next move.
One man had started it all. An obsession that there might be another way to prove the supremacy of Islam – not through jihad but through the word of God.
David Helford.
That man, he’d come to love like a brother until the day that changed everything. The day of all days.
The day of 9/11. His mind drifted back to that July day in 2001. It was exactly four years since he’d first met David Helford. Chapter 6
New York City, July…

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