Descriptive Essay - I Miss My

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I miss my utopia. My beautiful home built from memories and laughter. I miss the feel of my car, packed to the brim with sleeping bags and footlockers, bumping down the winding gravel road, the anticipation coiling tight in my stomach. The air, eternally smelling of petrichor, heavy with the combined excitement of 200 children piling their way into one space, inadvertently becoming connected, becoming a family for the time we spend together. I miss my paradise, my escape. I miss my home.
I miss the warm summer mornings spent dancing in the sun. The smell of campfire, drifting down the road in the early morning. The wind, sending the trees and leaves into a spiraling ballet, ringing with children’s laughter, echoing like bells through the woods. The feel of the gravel crunching under my feet, pushing up against my flip-flops. The eager anticipation of breakfast, hands thrown over my head for the morning prayer. I miss the way my friends would laugh and joke at the table, our counselor giving us admonishing glares, but a small smile tucked behind her eyes, showing us she was just as grateful to be there as we were. I miss the freedom I felt when I could run down the long, wooded path to my cabin, other campers all around me, their chatter replacing that of a cricket’s in the hot summer air.
I miss the hot, beautiful days spent playing until I couldn’t remember my name. The sun, baking the air into a sauna, baking the children crimson and gold. The water, chasing toes on the…

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