Descriptive Essay : ' Grandpa ' And ' Grandma '

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Grandpa Levi and Grandma Emma had moved all the way to Georgia to take over an existing Peach Orchard. We moved to the Evan’s house to take care of it for a year in case they changed their mind and wanted to come back. My grandma always kept her belongings clean and had beautiful home furnishings I loved. It was an exceptional home. It was a ranch style home with a circle driveway out front. The garage was sideways so it made our house appear larger than it was. From the front door walking in was a hallway and if you turned to the right after the coat closet, my bathroom was to the right and my bedroom was straight at the end of the hallway. If one didn’t turn at the entry hallway and just went straight, it would open into a large family room. To the left adjacent to the family room was the dining room. To the left of the dining room was the kitchen. So all of the house so far was in a U type shape. Beyond the dining room was a bathroom to the right and my parent 's bedroom. Another bedroom was to the left of my parents. Off the kitchen led out into the garage where the washer and dryer were. It had been perfectly maintained inside and out. The branches on the trees hung just perfect for shade and the flower gardens had beautiful roses and tulips scattered throughout. I thought our backyard was almost the size of a park!! There were apple and pear trees, oh and lots and lots of berry plants, I especially loved the strawberry ones that were low to the ground.
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