Descriptive Essay : ' Fuck '

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Stingy fuck, I grumble to myself, “Thank you.”
I slugged the drink down, paid the bartender exact change and walked back outside.
A man wearing a Replacements ‘Tim” t-shirt follows me out the door. Cut-off sleeves reveal sinew-ed arms.
“I like the shirt,” I say to him.
“What’s that? The man squinted then looked to his shirt, “Oh, right. You a fan?”
“I’m from Minneapolis,” I replied.
“I saw ‘em open for Elvis Costello,” he lit a cigarette and winked.
“Oh?” I pulled a flask of Jack Daniel’s from my back pocket and slugged a nip, “Where?”
“I’m from New York,” he shakes his head then grabs the bottle from me and takes a swig, “Good ol’ Manny Hatty,” he repeats wistfully, “Came here ‘bout ten years ago. Shit just got too,” he paused for a moment, “Giuliani took all the fun out of the city.”
“How’do you like Denver then?” I ask.
“It’s alright,” he shrugs and lights another cigarette, “How ‘bout you? Live here?”
“Just visiting,” I say.
“Ever been to New York?” he asks.
“Nah,” I shrug, “I’ve been to the other side: lived in California a few years.”
“I miss the subway,” he nudges my arm reassuringly, “Want a smoke?”
“Thanks,” I take a Camel Wide from his pack and light it.
“I’d better run back in,” he shrugs, “You should go to New York. The subway, alone, makes it worth the price of admission. Go anywhere,” he sighs, “Do anything.”
“Maybe I will,” I nod, “Can’t be worse than this,” I look around, “Right?”
He laughs, “No, it can’t.”
I wandered from the small jazz bar…

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