Descriptive Essay : ' Don T Do It ! '

759 Words May 4th, 2016 4 Pages
“DON’T DO IT!” I yelled as I struggled to catch up to her. She was getting closer, but the howling winds drowned out the sound of my voice. I finally reached the end, right as she stopped on the edge of the cliff. In my mind, I pictured her, taking one more step into the unknown.

With a sudden burst of adrenaline, I shouted to her, “I’m right here. I’m not losing another friend”

I dove into the blue surface of the raging pool, immediately feeling the pull of the wave as I forced my eyes open. Beyond the exodus of debris and broken sticks cycling around the lake, I witnessed her lifeless body steadily pick up speed as the torrent of water pushed her further and further away from me.

Putting all thoughts aside, I fought against the watery vortex as I put my left arm around her body. The years of climbing trees all day finally paid back, as I pushed on forward to reach the edge of the lake. The wind, slicing through the branches and creating a deafening sound, buffeted me as I went up to take a breath. Rocks of all sizes, either fallen from the cliff or eroded over time, suddenly came to life in this chaotic environment, hitting me left and right. As I slowly dragged her body through the water, I could see the outline of the shore. Using all my strength, I pushed her body out of the water, rolling her onto the shore. Up ahead, a huge wave crashed on top of me, dragging me under. I opened my mouth in shock, filling my whole body with salt water. My head exploded out of the…

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