Descriptive Essay: A Short Walk To The Dock

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"It's only a short walk to the dock," they said.

I don't mind short walks, but when there’s a 100 pound boat resting on your shoulder, a ten minute walk seems to last a lifetime. With my back hunched over, knees bent and about to give out, I lost complete feeling in my shoulders. As my teammates and I continued to walk, we saw other teams who finished their race walking their boats back to their trailers, their faces plastered with a painful expression on them, a confirmation that they definitely felt worse than I did. Nonetheless, I was plagued by what seemed to be a swarm of butterflies bouncing around in my stomach.

As our coach pushed the boat away from the dock, she told us two words, “row hard.” All anxiety and fear quickly dissipated once my team’s boat was lined up, ready to race. An official in a launch signaled for us to start rowing, and at once, my teammates and I used all the power we had in our legs to propel the boat into the 2.5 mile long course. Perfectly synchronized, adrenaline took over our bodies, and our boat cut cleanly through the water, passing other boats to our left and right. For a moment, it was fun to be gliding on the water, feeling the apricity and the coolness of water splashing onto my arms and legs.

But then the
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When I go to Rutgers, I know that I am prepared for success, because I have the confidence and abilities to persevere through any challenge I am presented with. I plan to major in either nursing or biology, which are both academically challenging. I also plan to participate in rowing as a sport, so having the experience of rowing before and pushing myself will make me an asset to the team. I have applied to the Navy Nursing ROTC scholarship, so if I am awarded the scholarship, I know that I have what it takes to exceed their academic standards, and to fulfill military duties and physical

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