Description Of The Inappropriate Behaviors Essay example

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Description of the Inappropriate Behaviors Taylor fits within the high-needs category of being aggressive. Taylor’s daily behavior greatly depends on the day of the week, activities, and material being covered. Taylor struggles daily with inappropriate behavior during lesson time on the carpet and getting right to work. While not having an assigned seat on the carpet, Taylor would crawl around and distract others by talking out of turn. The student would get excited to share their ideas and without raising their hand announce to the class what they were thinking. Sometimes this would have a connection to what was being talked about, but often the topic was not being talked about at that time. The student also has a hard time hearing others ideas if they are not in line with their thinking and tend to cut students off. Taylor would start to go along with expectations of classroom discussion at the carpet after a reminder, but would quickly do the opposite of expectations when the teacher’s attention went off the student. This disconnection during learning at the carpet would make it so that he was unprepared when he went back to do an independent or group task. This then caused misbehaviors of talking or acting out during independent/ group tasks. Taylor is in low proficiency groups for all subject materials and is often does not understand what is expected during independent tasks due to behavior during lessons. With this in consideration, Taylor often describes things as…

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