Essay Describe The Scientific Method ( Pages 73-74 )

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Objective- Describe the Scientific Method (Pages 73-74).
Sociologists use the scientific method as a structured way of finding answers to questions about the world (Carey 2011). There are roughly six steps to the scientific methods, although a good deal of sociological research does not exactly go in that exact order. First, the sociologist uncovers questions that need answers (pg 73). These questions can range from larger societal issues, personal experiences, or topics in the sociological field; however, the best research is rooted in a topic that the sociologist is personally passionate about. Second, sociologists review literature that is relevant on the topic of interest to them because other sociologists before them have likely done similar or related research in the past (pg 93). This can help the sociologist avoid having to start from the very beginning, but instead can build on the concepts discovered prior to their own research. Third, the researcher can develop a hypotheses, or educated guess about how social phenomena can be expected to relate to one another (pg 93). Hypotheses may not be confirmed by research or borne out by social developments (pg 93). Hypotheses are testable and can be adjusted. Fourth, the researcher must choose the best research method that will help…

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