Descartes 's View Of Mind And Body Essay

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The five senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch are faculties that allow us to perceive the outside world. While everyone is not gifted with all five senses, they do grant us the ability to interaction with our surroundings when they are stimulated. In the Meditations, Descartes examine sensory perception and the role in plays in our lives. He questions how powerful but at the same time insufficient sensory perception is to the overall aspect of the mind. Descartes wants to examine the connection between the mind and body. Throughout the Meditations, Descartes seeks to prove a dualistic view of mind and body. Descartes uses doubt to establish the limits of sensory perception and prove that he has a mind that is distinct from the body. Descartes discovers the concept of metaphysical dualism and its role in the real world. Descartes makes various observations on how the mind and body are somewhat connected in various ways, they are not one. He gives an example of how to amputation of a body part does not result in the amputation of part of one’s mind saying, “Although the entire mind seems to be united to the entire body, nevertheless, were a foot or an arm or any other bodily part to be amputated, I know that nothing has been taken away from the mind on that account” (101). Descartes understands that the interactions between the body and mind seems so much in sync that it can be viewed as unified, in actuality, they are separate because losing part of one…

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