Essay about Descartes vs. Spinoza

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Term Paper, Philosophy 1107 Aaron Davis

Evaluation & Comparison Between Descartes and Spinoza

About The Paper: What I will do in this following paper is to discuss two very interesting philosophers, Rene

Descartes and Benedictus de Spinoza. I will discuss each philosopher’s perspectives and insights

on their most recognized theories and thoughts. I will then evaluate them and then give my opinion

on the given topic. By doing this, I will contrast the similarities and differences between the two

genius minds. By the end of the paper I will have discarded some ideas and opinions from each of

the two and will have my own judgment that consists of thoughts from Spinoza, Descartes and my

self put
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My View -

Spinoza’s conception of God is quite absurd. There may or may not be a God but if there

is, it is definitely not the totality of everything that is. The meaning of God is a higher supreme

being that would have a higher consciousness than humans. There is a difference between nature

and God. I feel nature is more on the lines of what he is trying to say but uses the word “God”.

God can not be everything that is because then that would mean we are part of the make up of God

and that is absurd. How can everything in the universe that has no conception of God be a part of

God? His thoughts and ideas on this subject don’t add up in the end and don’t seem like an

acceptable solution to the questions revolving around “God”.

Ethics: On Interconnected Self-

Spinoza’s’ View -

Spinoza said that freedom of choice is an illusion and that everything that happens is part

of a necessary order witch is completely rational.

My View - If freedom of choice is an illusion and everything is already set to happen before it

occurs…then why are we making choices in the first place? I believe we do have freedom of

choice and that we set our own destiny. Everything will be set but is not set yet. We must make

choices and decisions to get to where we want to or do not want to. This can be compared to a

video game, the

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