Essay on Depression : The Most Common Of Mental Diseases

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“Depression, the number 1 cause of suicide in the United States must be treated clinically and with the right medications.”

Mental disorders are common topics in today’s world as the society starts to understand that mental health is sometimes more important than physical well-being as our mind controls our body. Depression is the most common of mental diseases and often misunderstood or taken too lightly. Kisakira, one of the members of the Forums at Psych Central, trying to describe the way a person suffering from Major Depressive Disorder feels and sees the surroundings, writes: “I am here to tell you that you are worthless, hopeless, and helpless. You are nobody, and your existence means nothing. I will suck the energy and motivation out of you, until you no longer want to get out of bed in the morning. I will affect every single one of your lives, whether it is through a loved one, such as your mom, your uncle, or your best friend. Or some of you will experience me first hand. I have killed many people each year, and I don’t discriminate based on age, gender, race, skin color, gender, or religion. Who am I? I am depression”. Dealing with this disorder is hard as people who never experienced it criticize the patients for their negativity, sadness and often pull away from the person affected. Nevertheless, depresion is not something to talk about lightly, and it requires clinical treatement and psychotropic medication.
According to the Suicide Awareness Voices of…

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