Depression Inventory for the Elderly (Die) Essay

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Depression Inventory for the Elderly (DIE)

Depression is one of the most recurrently investigated psychological disorders within the area of medical R&D (Montorio & Izal, 1996). A number of exhaustive researches have been carried out to study its symptoms and impacts on different patients belonging to different personal and professional attributes and most of these researchers depicted that depression in the elderly people is very frequent and in spite of number of researches in this context, it is often undiagnosed or untreated. To add to this jeopardy, it has also been estimated that only 10% out of the total depressed elderly individuals receive proper diagnosis and treatment (Holroyd et al, 2000). And for that reason, an authentic
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• Validity: Three research studies have evaluated the DIE in assessing constructs both for concurrent and predictive uses in characterizing symptoms of depression in older adults. The studies report the DIE successfully distinguishes individuals without depression from depressed individuals.

Evaluation of the Proposed Instrument

The proposed DIE is being evaluated on the basis of three core attributes described and discussed below:


As a gerontological counselor and on the basis of acquaintance and experience I have in this field, the proposed DIE is appropriate to be used with my clients as I am mostly dealing with the patients who belong to the aged community of our society and I found the proposed DIE synchronized enough with the population area that my counseling services are taking account for i.e. people above 65 years who are retired from their professional obligations. Thus, it is appropriate to be used within my counseling domain. Moreover, its reliability and validity for the resulted measures makes it even more appropriate for being used in this field of counseling.

Strengths and weakness:

From the specifications of the designed DIE it is clear enough that this instrument is meant to enumerate certain levels of depression in a patient. Furthermore, this DIE is created on the basis of

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