Depression : Depression And Depression Essay examples

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BAM! Thats how fast depression can take over someones life. Depression is like a clingy loved one, that won’t let the victim do anything by themselves. Depression is not just being sad for just a few days; it will stay with that person until they decide enough is enough, and get help before they can’t get help anymore.
A lot of people don’t fully understand what depression really is. Depression can suck up a person like a tornado can suck up a whole town and not spit them back up. When someone has depression they feel really alone and lost. They just want someone to talk to and help them, but they don’t know how or who to ask. A bunch of people think depressed people are only depressed for attention, that they aren’t really sad, they just want people to feel sorry for them. However, that is not true. Depression is when someone gets a multitude of sad emotions and it goes so high up that it covers their head and they can’t breath. The sadness that comes with depression can make the victim mean or rude; but its not because of that person, the sadness is just too much for them to take so they take it out on others.
“If emptiness and despair have taken hold of your life and won 't go away, you may have depression.” (Smith,et al). There are a lot of signs of depression, but most people won’t open their eyes to see them. Cutting and suicidal thoughts are two big signs that the person might have depression. There are many additional signs though, some people may be…

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