Essay about Depression And The Death Of Robin Williams

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Everybody knows what it is like to be sad, but not a lot of people know what it is like to be depressed. Depression is deeper than sadness, it is a feeling of emptiness. Depression and sadness are very different, even though people do not realize this. Recently everybody has probably heard of depression and mental illnesses because of the death of Robin Williams. He had a history of depression, and only the people closest to him knew about it. Depression is a serious matter and can be caused by lack of social abilities, history of violence, and it can lead to suicidal behavior.
Most people do not realize this, but depression is linked to social interaction. Social interaction plays a huge role in somebody’s life, like if they are socially isolated. Things like these, “Withdrawal from Usual Activities, Supports, Interests, School or Work; Isolation” (AAS 2). When people are socially isolated they lose the ability to bond with others and bottle everything up. People isolating themselves from the main population is a bad idea, because they lose their coping skills, or never develop them. Without coping skills, people rely on techniques that are less than satisfactory, which commonly ends with a form of self-harm. Social isolation is not always the cause, sometimes it is also from too much communication, causing perfectionism. “While mental illness and suicide are shamed in mainstream society, it is arguably even more stigmatized when victims are people who are expected to be…

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