Depiction Of Social Injustice Towards The Innocent Essay

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Hosseini characterizes Hassan as a person living a treacherous life so other’s may have a good one. Hassan’s innocent nature causes Amir to develop a close relationship with him. Knowing well that Amir has been much more fortunate than him, he proceeds to still show unconditional loyalty as his servant as well as a friend. The societal standards for a servant are that they be segregated from the owner and their standard of living no matter the person. The depiction of social injustice towards the innocent is what Hosseini attempts to illustrate. The race of Hazara’s being discriminated against represents slavery like issues. Though Hassan is still a servant and is treated inequitably on multiple occasions by people other than whom he works for. Assef, in particular, causes a breach between the two friends after he rapes Hassan as a sign of dominance. “It may be unfair, but what happens in a few days, sometimes even a single day, can change the course of a whole lifetime...” (p. 118). Amir witnesses the act which causes the friendship to come to an end. Hassan displays utter innocence when he attempts to reconcile with a friend who hadn’t helped him when he was getting raped, ignored his presence, and eventually frames him causing his family to live in the slums. Amir later comes to realize Hassan was his half brother, but had died staying true to his kind, innocent way of life.
The book begins in Kabul, Afghanistan, 1963. A tranquil country which is the homeland of Amir.…

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