Depiction Of Dreams By Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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Depiction of Dreams Over past generations, great poets and writers have existed, one of the most well-known being Edgar Allan Poe. He was known for not exactly being in his right mind and it showed in his work. Many people believe that his insanity came upon because of the fact that he was a very lonely person. He never really knew his parents since his mother died when he was only three and his father abandoned him at a young age. He also went through a lot of depressing moments, from his fiance leaving him for someone else to his wife dying. A lot of poems include women in one way or another which could mean that certain moments he spent with women affected him more than the loss of his family.
In “Dream Within A Dream,” the narrator is giving someone a goodbye kiss and confesses that the people who thought his life has been a dream were not wrong. He goes on to question that if hope is lost in his dream of life then is it really lost in all reality. In the first stanza of the poem there is not a lot of imagery. It is more words than anything. If one analyzes the significance of dreams, it may give more insight into the mind of the narrator. One of the sentences in the poem talks about life being, “a dream within a dream,” which could signify the emotional state of the person. The person could be suffering through an inner turmoil due to worrying or fearing a situation they are undergoing. Dreaming within a dream can allow the person to go through certain experiences…

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