Essay about Democracy As The Ideal Form Of Government

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Although today’s society views democracy as the ideal form of government, the ancient Greek philosopher Plato had different ideas of how a government should be structured. Born around 428 B.C. into an aristocratic family, “he almost certainly served in the military during the Peloponnesian war;” however, he did not involve himself in political affairs of the state. His reason for doing so was because he “withdrew in disgust from the evils then being practiced” (viii-ix). Yet, Plato still found politics fascinating enough to write entire works based on the subject, as seen in some of his writings including one entitled the Republic. In the Republic, Plato discusses his idea of an ideal political community—an aristocracy, which is accountable to its citizens and in which all people do their own work and everyone lives the good life. This ideal government should be able to protect the city from harm and the citizens must obey the laws and father in order that the city, or the Polis, stay an ideal city that is driven by our human nature.
Early on, Plato makes clear the idea that every citizen should do his or her appropriate job so that the city works properly and stays pure. Plato believes that if an individual of one class tries to advance to a higher class, he will upset the balance of the city, stating “meddling and exchange between these three classes, then is the greatest harm that can happen to the city and would rightly be called the worst thing someone could do to it”…

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