Essay on Demeter, Mourning And Demeter

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Demeter, Determined In her poems Demeter, Mourning and Demeter, Waiting Rita Dove uses the myth of Demeter and Persephone to comment on the unpredictable, contradicting nature of motherly love. There is perhaps no mother-daughter relationship as quite as famous as this, and certainly none quite as emotionally extreme. In Demeter, Mourning Dove uses the initial reaction of Demeter’s loss of Persephone to comment on how deep her loss runs. Demeter, Waiting, however, moves on to the next stage of grief—being upset you could slap the person who is the source of your emotional turmoil, even if you’re not really angry at them. Dove’s poems discuss the often overlooked emotional rollercoaster that goes along with being someone’s mother but also serves to remind the reader that you should cherish and love your child(ren) while you can because life is unpredictable and often cruel. Demeter, Mourning is Demeter’s initial reaction to the loss of her daughter. It is here we see just how deep her grief runs—how distraught she is at having her daughter stolen from her. Demeter here is speaking to an unidentified “you” that represents those who may try to soothe her. “Nothing can console me”. Not pretty dresses or jewels or the promise of happier times to come. In this moment, Demeter’s grief is infinite and finite; it will never get better nor will she allow it to. She tells the reader that yes, she knows she is being unbearable and perhaps a tad dramatic, but it is how she truly feels.…

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