dehumanization in children of men Essay

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Kayleah Trecoske
Professor Tartaglia
ENG 101
20 November, 2014
Dehumanization’s Role in Humans Devolving
Dehumanization is a process where basic human qualities are replaced with the qualities that resemble an animal’s behavior; violent and having the desire to survive. Inmates that are beginning a new life in prison are stripped of everything that free human beings possess. Prisoners become only a number that is trying to survive in the community of the prison system. Soldiers joining the military are also stripped of everything, with a goal in battle to be the last man standing. Killing comes easily, because soldiers are forced to forget about the rules of murder to survive. The rules that say murder is wrong are no longer
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Experiment administrators know there will be a small group of individuals who would oppose this immoral behavior, in the same way a handful of people are animal rights activists. As a majority though, prisoners and psychiatric ward patients are dehumanized through the process of “othering” because these individuals who have committed crimes or have a mental illness or disability are not considered equal to the white collar worker with a successful job and productive role in society. In Children of Men, the fugees’ most basic of human rights were taken away when they were locked into cages, like animals, with no ability to say that as humans with rights, these fugees did not deserve to be locked up.
By dehumanizing an individual or a group of similar individuals, it is easier to not only abuse the rights of the people, but also to totally exterminate those people. This is why another “side effect” of dehumanization is genocide. In the context of the animal kingdom, the animals that are viewed as weak are killed by the other animals. Weakness does not contribute to a greater cause, such as mating to create healthy offspring. This brings the concept of “survival of the fittest” into play again. Just as animals who are not as strong get picked off by the bigger, healthier predators, genocide is man’s way of picking off the individuals that are inferior. Genocide is the process of deliberately invading an area and wiping out every

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