Brave New World Essay

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INST 161-Heritage of Western Thought and Civilization ShoShana Skates
Professor: James Robertson Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Essay#2: Brave New World. Throughout the novel, “The Brave New World”, author Aldous Huxley featured an unconventional world facilitated by dehumanizing the moral and spiritual compass of mankind. Several concepts during his story established the foundation that governed the jurisdiction of this world without a God and unattended consequences. The traditional lifestyle of mankind was now obsolete and replaced with technology, sustaining it as mankind’s true creator of life and destiny.
With conjunction to the novel’s opening foundation, “I shall begin at the beginning,” as stated by the Director of Hatchery
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As illustrated during the conversation between the visiting students of the Central London H.C. Centre and the Director of Hatchery and Conditioning; the Director described terms as mother and father, and being born as “unpleasant facts” (pg 292). The new world removed the traditional method that produced life and categorized personal relationship based involvement as fiith. Removing the intimacy between man and women, ignited this assembly line of sexual relationships. Traditional behaviors of monogamy, family and romance were behaviors that belonged to people of the pre-modern world. In life After Ford, now mandates the teachings that, “everyone is for everyone” (pg 486). Lenina was amongst the popular women that was well versed in the assembly line of sex. However, her attraction for Henry Foster prompted traditional behaviors that were no longer acceptable. Such behaviors of intimacy would attract displeasure from the Director of Hatchery and Conditioning. Promiscuity was the law of the land, and sex had become a form of entertainment. Much like today’s world, social media is filled with sexual content and erotic captions that serves as a pastime for mankind. Throughout the readings of science textbooks and religious teachings, the purpose of sex was noted for procreation. The teachings of Ford dehumanized sexual conduct and made it a social behavior without …show more content…
Lenina and Bernard discovered the untouched teachings of a world left behind. It was there in Iceland that Bernard and Lenina discovered the conventional world that withheld secrets from the great Ford’s past. The land possessed all the natural characteristics that were eradicated from the modern world. Including the desire of intimacy that was hindered because his mother, Linda knew nothing about it. The pre-modern world casted her as an outsider and refused to form to her traditional ways of living. The discovery of Linda and the birth of John created a huge glitch in the technology driven environment of the World State. Revealing that even in the most precise societies, perfection is inadequate to

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