Deforestation : The Pursuit Of Monetary Gains Essay

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Deforestation happen for many purposes, one of the major purposes is often in the pursuit of monetary gains. Deforestation is a catastrophic global issue that affects every living thing, but this issue has often been ignored by most. Deforestation is when a massive amount of trees and vegetation is removed or destroyed due to the harvesting of natural materials, building more housing, or agricultural reasons; it also reduces the quality of the land. Although thirty percent of the land is covered by forests, every year, loggers clear away more and more of the forestation to make more room, some areas of forests even being almost the size of Panama. At this rate, the earth’s rainforest could disappear in the next hundred years. It is crucial that we find solutions that would benefit humanity, it’s ever growing population and stop deforestation once and for all.
A less commonly known fact is that protecting forests can also benefit human health, by preventing infectious diseases carried and spread by animals that inhabit the forests, these diseases can be transferred into nearby communities when the animal may travel. An example of that being; in the late 1990s a deadly new disease began in the tropical forests of Malaysia, originating from fruit bats, whose natural habitat had been destroyed by deforestation. Eventually, the new virus was identified and named as the Nipah virus. A number of infectious diseases are associated with deforestation, including Yellow Fever,…

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