Definitions Of Stopping Child Abuse

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A fight for life is worst then you can imagine, STOP child abuse before it’s to late. Children are afraid to speak up because someone they love is hurting them. Experiencing child abuse is not something anyone wants to go through. Child abuse leaves children with all sorts of emotions a child should never have to feel. Stopping child abuse will stop so much more. Help stop child abuse help save a life.
Abuse/Maltreatment: treating a person with cruelty or violence
Neglect: fail to care for properly
The problem is children being a abused and neglected. There are many types of Abuse such as neglect, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse (Child Abuse and). Neglect has the highest percentage for abuse/maltreatment (Library).
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They’re multiple reasons why people abuse. Statistically showing the person that beats a child is usually their own parent. First, some reasons why a parent might be an abuser is because they were abused as a child or seen someone being abused. Kids see a lot of violence maybe another sibling being abused or their other parent. Making children believe it’s okay to abuse others. Second, a parent could also become an abuser because of a mental health disorder or issue. This could be a case of anger management issue (Patricelli). Lastly, a person may be violent because of drugs and/or alcohol causing them to get angry for no reason at all …show more content…
They can talk to teachers, councilors, the principal, or even the police. Children will have trouble doing this if they don’t feel safe let them be aware you are there to help them not take advantage of them.
There are simple ways to raise awareness as well. You could talk to friends help get them informed. Ask to put up poster around town and at school to also help get awareness started. Try and talk to the people in your town/community this way they have a feel of what is going on as well. Furthermore, you may go around state talking to other schools and towns after you have started raising awareness. This could lead into going all around the country helping raise awareness everywhere.
There are also options like becoming a foster parent. This well help troubled kids get into good families learning it’s ok to trust. They may also learn it’s okay to be yourself and not have to hide behind a mask. Being there for kid when they come out and tell the truth will also help. Being there can help a lot child with some of the long-term effects abuse can have on

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