Prejudice And Racism In The United States

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What is racism? Racism is the definition of discrimination against others for their color of skin, determining that their skin or race is superior to another’s. For centuries racism has existed and suppressed many groups of people in different countries. Even in modern times, racism still exists, minority’s being disrespected and harassed by other races. Racism has brought nothing but, despair and discrimination among human beings. Racism has breed other forms of discrimination as well like hate crimes, segregation, and racial stereotypes. Throughout history racism has also been affected people's social status, where it being an African American slave or a rich English king it has always led to other suffering and not being …show more content…
Some individuals have been attacked because of the color of their skin and police have brutalized and attack groups of people because they assume they are dangerous. Even though people such as Martin Luther King and Malcolm X fought for modern rights and equality among races, we still see a current groups of people fight and suppressing current minority’s. In the current US, racism is still very real and very active, when applying for a job or college, opportunities maybe given to other people just because of the color of their skin. Groups even criticize others for having interracial marriage and cause controversy among their friends and families that don’t approve. In current society racism has decreased over the past three centuries, but it has refused to disappear completely. There were sharp increases in hate crimes he week President Trump was in office and after several months 2017 was had several increase in hate crime for the past decade. Even though some people wish to peacefully protest against racism and police brutality. Police brutality has also increased when President Trump took over, and in St. Louis President Trump urged police officers to engage in brutality against suspects and arrestees. St. Louis now being called the new Selma was just a peaceful protest against racism when police blocked the marchers from crossing the street by allowing traffic to proceed and then attacking them with tear gas, pepper spray, and batons. There is also the fairly recent Charlottesville incident just proved the current state of racism with white supremacy and neo Nazis in America that invoked racism from their very core. With Charlottesville, racism had been heard throughout the country with deaths and

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