Definition Essay: The Different Types Of Beauty Sleep

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Day Dreaming Beauty sleep is a lie. Everyone wakes up looking terrible! Society hears this quite a bit. Some people might say that others are in need of their beauty sleep. There actually is a thing called beauty sleep. It’s just not for the outward appearance. According to recent studies, sleeping well is just as important as eating healthy foods. But most of the population already knows this. The real question is, why does the body sleep? A few explanations have been suggested such as the sleep theories, a gain of brain cells, and body reparation. When hungry, the body searches for food. Everyone’s body does the same thing when it is tired. Even though they may not know it at the time. There are many different theories as to why we sleep. But there are four that have been thoroughly researched. The inactivity theory is among these four. Animals …show more content…
The brain is preparing for a new day. During a normal sleeping period, the body is repairing itself. (Healthy, 2) The body repairs your heart, replaces all hormones, such as insulin, and increases bones growth. Sleeping is also an important part of performance and safety. The more sleep the body receives, the more mentally awake it will be in everyday activities. People often enter a stage called microsleep. (Healthy, 4) When someone finds themselves spacing out during a lecture or a movie, they often can’t remember what happened during that time. This is called microsleep. It happens when the brain is in need of a break. In all reality, the body is “sleeping standing up”! But there is also a safety aspect to getting enough sleep. When people drive and do not have enough sleep in their systems, they may be induced in microsleep while driving. They would be physically awake, but their minds would not be able to process what was going on around them. Annually, there are 1,500 deaths caused by driving while tired. (Healthy,

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