Definition Essay On Discrimination

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Discrimination is very negative word when any type of discrimination is happening there is usually a conflicting environment surrounding that area. Discrimination can happen anywhere school, public places, politics, law, or workplaces. I think that discrimination is a way people who think the are better then someone can put them down, I have first handed seen discrimination towards my friends and towards of me because of my religion or ethnicity. Discrimination is a type of hate speech and it can be acted towards anyone because they are different sometimes it can be race or gender. Discrimination is a part of our life which sometimes we are the victim or sometimes we are discriminating the victim I believe that we all have once in our life …show more content…
Discrimination includes prejudice where you about someone before knowing them and stereotype where you have a fixed image of someone because of there race, religion, or beliefs. When prejudice becomes heavily used by someone then it because a stereotype such as women can’t lift heavy boxes or shipments at work so that’s why men get paid more then women. When discrimination occurs at the workplace either it is direct or indirect towards the victim, this allows the he said she said effect so know one finds out the truth. Direct discrimination is being rude to someone or treating them unfairly because of there characteristic for example refusing to hire someone because of there age and you making unfair assumptions that they can’t pick up heavy items. Indirect discrimination occurs disadvantage that occurs to someone because of a rule or policy that puts them in a worse situation then their …show more content…
Discrimination can have the same effect as bullying or abusing someone and in the end no one wins. I think that discrimination in the workplace can be very impactful to a worker who is getting discriminated because soon or later they will quit their job that would impact them financially. For some business discrimination impacts them because of lower productivity and the boss or manager not taking action for discrimination, “Discrimination isn’t just an insult to our most basic notions of fairness. It also costs us money, as some of our best and brightest players are, in essence, sidelined”. (Futrelle) I see depression being the biggest effect for discrimination because if you are constantly put down by your co workers it hurts you emotionally and causes you to be sad which leads to discrimination. Discrimination can also lead to suicidal thoughts or actions because it can make you feel you’re not good enough. Ingrid said that different types of discrimination occurs and that happen in every work place and instead of taking action of what happens too them people don’t stand up for themselves or end up quitting because of this the person who is discriminating can attack someone else

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