Definition Essay : I Am Nonbinary

1232 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
I am nonbinary. By definition, nonbinary is an umbrella term to describe any gender that is not strictly 100% girl or 100% boy. It can be abbreviated to “NB” or “enby”. It is used by people who are partially woman or man as well as nonbinary, hence the term “nonbinary woman” or “nonbinary man”. A person can also be nonbinary in addition to being completely woman or completely man, hence “nonbinary and woman”, etcetera. Agender (meaning being genderless or having no gender) people also fall under the nonbinary umbrella. It’s a catch-all term for multitudes of more specific genders or lack thereof, that are anything but all girl and all boy. For me, I don’t fall somewhere between man or woman. My gender is completely separate from the binary. It is a feeling that I have yet to identify with more specific language. I use the blanket term “nonbinary” because I have yet to find a better word to describe myself.
I have always felt nonbinary, but it wasn’t until high school that I became aware of nonbinary genders. Up until that point in my life, nothing else but man and woman existed. Nothing society gives us suggests otherwise. The gender binary is something, like many other constructs, that “people continuously create, through their actions and interactions, a shared reality” (Peter Berger, 262). Examples of its objectivation are all around us, including everything from bathrooms, to sports, to clothing, to housing, to language. Growing up, rarely is any child told specifically…

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