Definition Essay About Fear

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Emotions were in the past and in the future they will continue to prevail. In many books it is a characteristic that defines a human. Now, imagine if you could get rid of all emotions or just one, would this improve your lifestyle or just make you lose sight of the colors in life. Fear is one of the most controlling and powerful emotion a human has. Did you know fear is so powerful, that it creates adrenaline inside you body making you a super human for some minutes? An essential tool for survival and self awareness, but Is it working in our favor or against us in our current generation? Most people think fear only stops us from exploding our potential, but the reality is that fear makes us understand the problem and improve. Fear is hard …show more content…
Fear penetrates the body of that who is experiencing this emotion, either making you body ten thousand times heavier than it use to be or making it as light as a cheetah. Suddenly a chain of chemical reactions take place and a fluid with much greater quality than gasoline is created inside you. Adrenaline rushes through your veins and this liquid has the same effect turbo has to a car, survival is the only priority. This is how fear works in life threatening moments, but what are the effects of fear in a work environment or in a social place where you are not at risk of dying? Fear can be the reason you don 't take the risk to prove yourself to your boss or the girl of your dreams. Some scientists go so far as to believe that it is responsible for the vast majority of our day-to-day activity and that we are nothing more than "zombies" guided by our subconscious (Douglas). Our subconscious is overwritten almost every single day. Let 's say that one day you walk with your friends in the park at eleven pm and you are assaulted by two men with knives, and they take your wallet. After this experience when you see a dark park your subconscious will tell you not to go. Let 's say this happens to you in a different situation, you try your best at something and at the end you fail. The fear of failing again will stop you from trying just like the example with the subconscious. In addition fear can …show more content…
We can ignore it, but that will only bring more negativity to our lives. We have role models that inspire us to become a better person, like Rose parks. On December 1, 1995, a woman of African heritage sat on the front of a bus, in that time only people with white skin could sit in the front. When they saw her sitted in a white only are, the bus driver and others in the bus told her to move. Rose, didn 't stand up she knew that what society was doing to the black people wasn 't right. She was scared and alone, but she understood that to make a big change she would need to be tough and endure until people started to understand that we all should have the same rights and that no one is better that the other just by the color. That day, Rose Parks was arrested and taken to prison, but that same day she left a mark in history that alternated the

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