Essay about Defining Self Consciousness Within A Self Conscious

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Self-Conscious of the Self-Consciousness Within a Self-Conscious
Julissa Almonte Santana
Salem College
Fall 2016
Defining Self-consciousness
When introducing the concept of self-consciousness, it can be very difficult for individuals to understand that there are many forms of self-consciousness. Many already have a definition in mind as soon as they hear the word self-consciousness. It is made up of many concepts because it isn’t just a cognitive state, rather, many cognitive states. The mind processes many things as opposed to just knowing things. Humans are capable of doing and desiring many things while self-evaluating and questioning oneself. Everyone is able to consider their own actions and to think about themselves. When thinking, humans are able to consider ideas and depictions regarding the self and others. Regarding oneself allows for evaluating self-worth in refinement to common social roles (Bermudez). A common issue when defining self-consciousness is being able to cover all of it’s multiple concepts and aspects. Many of these aspects are very simple while others tend to go beyond and start to overlap each other. A common way of defining self-consciousness is to first define consciousness. With this, we are involving being aware of all surroundings and perceiving the world in a certain way. It also involves the sense of control, the idea that humans are able to control their conduct and mental processes (Posner). Defining self-consciousness though…

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