Define, Then Compare and Contrast the Prison and the Jail Systems.

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The next piece in the three parts that make up the criminal justice system is the corrections system. This week we will examine corrections, the major goals of contemporary sentencing, who is sentenced, and how these sentences are formulated.
Please respond to all three of the following prompts: * Define, then compare and contrast the prison and the jail systems.

Jail is a place of detention, a place where an individual convicted or suspected of a crime is tained.
Jail holds people accused under federal, state , county and or city.
Jails people awaiting trial, people sentenced for a short duration, typically less than a year.
Jails are run by the county sheriffs departments
Jails are used for short sentence or trail,
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The Bureau operates institutions at 5 different security levels in order to confine offenders in an appropriate manner. Security levels are based on the presence of ertenal patrols, towers, security barriers, or detection devices. Each institution is designated as either minimum, low, medium, high, or administrative.

Minimum Security is also known as Federal Prison Camps (FPC’s). FPC’s has dormitory housing, and a reliterviley low staff -to -inmate ratio, and also may have a limited or no perimeter fencing. Members are also involved in several different work programs that are goal oriented like when several different inmates serves the needs of the larger iinstitution or military base.
Low Security is also known as Federal Correctional Institutions (FCI’s). FCI’s usually has several double fenced perimeters, along with various strong work programs. The institution is mostly a dormitory, staff- to- inmate ratio tend to be higher than in a minimum security institution.
Medium Security institutions are designated to house the medium security inmates.They have several strenghthened permimeters which is often a double fenced with an electronic electection systems. The institution is mostly a cell type housing , with a variety of work and treatment programs available. The institution has a higher staff- to- inmate ratio than a low security institution.
High Security institutions, are also known

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