Defense Of Gender By Cyra Mcfadden Essay

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"In Defense of Gender", written by Cyra McFadden describes—in a satirical fashion—the nonsensical, all too often ubiquitous neutering of the English language across the country, both spoken and written. McFadden brings to light the issues that arise, as oppose to lessen, when gender-specific components are removed. I found myself in agreement with the author on many, if not all, of the points addressed within the article. To disassemble the English language—both written and spoken—and then re-manufacture it to be genderless only muddles our already languid dialect. All good intentions aside, gender neutering is hit-or-miss as you will not be able to make everyone happy. The author 's goal is to address the illogical removal of gender from spoken and written English. I agree with the argument made by McFadden and believe we will lose too much in translation if we continually modifying the way we communicate in order to appease those who may or may not feel slighted by not respecting their given or chosen gender identification. The article’s argument of neutering spoken and written English unnecessarily is justified as the author relates first hand experiences with genderless titles in her own professional life; she recognizes the paradox in which the church has created in neutering the Bible; and sites examples of how awkward neutered verbalization is.
Abolishment of gender-based titles is one crux of this article. Mailman, waitress, and chairman are just some examples of…

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