Decolonization - Congo Essay

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Why was process of decolonization peaceful in some countries and violent in others? (Before Independence)
Brief historical background of colonization? (Historical Context) * What ignited calls for independence from colonial rule in __________ (your country)?
A: Elections were held in rural areas(small cities) for reform and democratization of local government. 1958 was a year of vigorous political discussion at issues of society in Belgian Congo. The whole turning point of their advocacy for independence was during January 4-6 in 1959. In January 4, a riot broke out in Leopoldville due to the fact that an Abako meeting had been banned. This abrupt disorder for two days as European shops were broken and burned with over 40 people
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The first Congolese graduate ever was only in 1956. The country was at a very unstable state with the power mostly to individual tribes separated from other tribes as well. (No unity) * Were the problems a result of the colonial rulers? (Was it the fault of the colonial power?)
A: The Belgians considered Congo as a child meaning that both countries acted as a ‘parent and child’ relationship. This is called paternalism. The Belgians mainly supervised Congo and the Congo had no part in legislation. The Congolese only collected tax from the citizens. How could a child start working if he/she hasn’t had any education. This was the kind of situation in between Belgium and Congo.
What ways did the Cold War complicate the process of decolonization and/or post-independence? * Did ideology or the US/USSR conflict play a role in the process to achieve independence OR create problems for countries after they achieved independence? (If so, how significant?)
A: The Congo Crisis was a period of disorder from 1960 – 1966. The Katanga province threatened to leave Congo because the Belgians were interested in business and there were over 6000 Belgian troops with most of the European population under the leadership of Moise Tshombe. The province was declared as the State of Katanga in July 11 1960. Patrice Lumumba went to Soviet Union for troops to enforce the Katanga province. Feeling

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