Declaration Of Principles For Establishing Palestinian Self Rule

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The Oslo Accords were the name given to two sets of agreements between the government of Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). These accords signified a drastic change in relationship between the two parties. “The Oslo Accords marked the first time that the state of Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) formally recognized one another, and publicly committed to negotiate a solution to their decades-long conflict based on territorial compromise” (Al Jazeera America). There are two parts that make up the Oslo Peace Process. The first was “The Declaration of Principles for Establishing Palestinian Self Rule”, AKA Oslo I, which was signed on the 13th of September in 1993 (Shulman, 1993, 793). The second document was the “Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement” AKA Oslo II, also signed in Washington DC on the 28th of September 1995 (Lesch, 2008, 334-335). Israels sense of superiority as a sovereign state opposed to an organization without sovereignty like the PLO was a contributing factor to the failure of the Oslo Peace Process. I will discuss how the Oslo Peace Process came about, and why it failed. I will talk about the contributing factors that led to its failure, and I will give a personal opinion at the end on the entire peace process and future of the Middle East.

After WWI, the League of Nations established the Mandate for Palestine. It included all the land that was Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (League of Nations,…

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