Camp David Accords Case Study

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The organization of Maoz-Israel cited in 2002 that: "There are currently about 30 terrorist attacks per day in this tiny country of 5.2 million Jews. What if there were 30 terrorist attacks per day in Chicago or Los Angeles or Paris or London?" (“War” n. pag.). The Camp David Accords since the 1978 signing did not help in the Middle East, as stated in a study of Israeli terrorist attacks in 2002. U.S. President, Jimmy Carter, wished to help with Middle Eastern peace but everything he tried did not help. To help with the Middle East crisis, he started by learning about the background of the conflicts in the Middle East. Once he knew a significant amount about the Israeli Palestinian Conflict, he decided to hold a summit in Camp David, Maryland …show more content…
On August 5th, 1978, Carter invited Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin to Camp David to begin the peace negotiation process. Both agreed to arrive at Camp David because they had these words in their head, “The people of the Middle East yearn for peace so that the vast human and natural resources of the region can be turned to the pursuits of peace and so that this area can become a model for coexistence and cooperation among nations” (“Carter” n. pag.). The people living in the Middle East know that it is important to have peace between surrounding countries not only because it is beneficial to everyone, but they want to be examples for religions able to coexistence. Because a few Middle Eastern countries want peace, specifically Egypt and Israel, they accepted Carter’s invitation and arrived at Camp David on September 5th, 1978. The summit lasted a total of 13 days after September 5th, 1978. Carter thought that peace in the Middle East was not just important for the U.S., but for the world because the Middle East had oil that everyone could use. Since Carter did not want the whole world to know about what was happening in the Middle East, he chose to not have the media involved. The media broadcasted about the peace summit, but they were never given the day-by-day status. By doing this, Carter eliminated the chance of the media …show more content…
The Agreement was split into two separate documents and one concerned Arab-Israeli issues and the other concerned Egyptian-Israeli issues. The first document was called, “Framework for Peace in the Middle East Agreed at Camp David.” This document concerned the future of the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, the Palestinian refugee issue, and a five year transitional period. The five year transitional period had to do with how Israel would withdraw from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The idea was for the Israeli Military to slowly leave the area allowing the Palestinians to take over and have an elected government, but Israel was able to stay in a few areas for their safety. The second document of the Camp David Accords was the “Framework for the Conclusion of a Peace Treaty Between Egypt and Israel.” This document dealt with Egyptian-Israeli agreements and how they will create peace. It mentioned what the future was for the Sinai Peninsula, and that it would be returned to Egypt in three to nine months after the Accords were signed, but Israel was going to be allowed to have a few security zones. The other topic the second document mentioned, was the relationship that Israel and Egypt would have. Arguments were later started because the future of the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem, which were both occupied by Israel, were not mentioned in the Accord, and so the Arabs wanted to take both. This caused Begin to act, and

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