Grievances Of The Declaration Of Independence

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The Declaration of Independence is list of grievances and separation from its mother country .the colonist was created to benefit the mother country Britain’s mercantilism but the high taxes caused a rift. Yet the document became they symbol of freedom for the colonists and anybody facing the same grievances. The document was one of the first to declare the colonists as Americans and the birth of an independent nation. It set forth philosophy of freedom which was therefore became the dynamic of the united states of American.
Before the Declaration of Independence was ratified and signed in July 4, 1776, several events led to the declaration. The start of the tyranny of the British King was set after the French and Indian war also known as
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The delegates decide to boycott goods, have a militia, and met again if they are no changes. Preparing for the upcoming battle and militia the colonist had their first battle of the revolution, Lexington and Concord. Lexington and Concord came to be known by the famous phrase the “shoots hear around the world” 47 colonist died and 73 English soldiers. As promised no changes being made by the British crown the second continental congress came to be in May 1775 with all 13 colonies. The colonist wanted to have peace an appeal was made Olive Branch petition, it was not favorable by the King had negative affect to the colonies. Thomas Paine wrote the common sense to appeal to the colonist of the unfair treatment that they are received from the “ evil of monarch”. Common sense had four parts in discussing the problems faced with its mother country and why should the colonies separate and fight as a nation. With the support of the people, a movement was placed in to separate from the mother country and fight for their belief for freedom. The American Revolution was set to “ built institutions and codified the language and ideas that still define Americans’ image of …show more content…
The document is the unification if the colonies united to become one county and as a country they will be freedom from voting and religion for all men. The primary author of the Declaration of independence is Tomas Jefferson and signed by 56 other men included Samuel Adams, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. The preamble and the introduction states to separate and have “unalienable rights”, the unalienable right are given rights that you are born with and should not be taken from you. Thomas Paine makes the notes of “MANKIND being originally equals in the order of creation” but he and several other understond that these right were not protected and taken fron the britsh king. The first body paragraph lists the grievances against the Parliament and King George III. The Second Paragraph is the colonist effort to appeal to the King but the appeals were not inconsideration. The conclusion is the summary of the grievances, the breaking ties to the British Crown and the suffering that the colonist has faces. The words of the declaration of independence are the long standing purpose to be an American and to have their rights to be protected and prevent grievances from occurring again. Thomas Jefferson n asserted that “all men are created equal […] with certain unalienable

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